Sunday, February 22, 2009

Worst President Ever...

I know, I know ... it's too soon to say if Barack Obama will go down as the worst president in history, but after just the first month of stumbles, and by the looks of the incredible grassroots anti-porkulus activism around the nation, "The One" sure is swinging for the bleachers.

But it's not just Obama's stimulus socialism. Scott at Flopping Aces has a run-down:

* He takes Bush’s position on warrantless wiretaps.

* He hires cronies for political appointments.

* He increases the deficit by a trillion or more (and that’s just his first month!) .

* He stops giving detainees trials.

* He hasn’t closed Gitmo (issued an order to try, but Bush tried too).

* He will still do renditions.

* He wrote caveats into his own Exec Orders to still allow for torture like water-boarding.

* He put a guy in charge at CIA who admits to doing 60-80 renditions HIMSELF.

* He sent 17000 Americans to Afghanistan w no plan and no timeline for withdrawal.

* He has not ordered the withdrawal from Iraq in 16 months.

* He ignored millions of Americans devastated by an ice storm in Tennesee, W Virginia, and Kentucky.

* He has NOT HELPED the economy one bit.

* He has no plan to solve even a single challenge facing his admin.
Oh well, at least he has a D next to his name and can read a teleprompter.



Norm said...

Trillion dollar deficits forever. Does anyone here believe that Obama will cut the deficit to a mere 580 Billion in 2013 ? What a freakin disaster.

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Norm. Hope you're having a good weekend.

Sean Xander said...

Well, not closing Gitmo, continuing warrantless wiretaps, and generally keeping the Bush administration policies on terrorists are all GOOD things.

Anonymous said...

You're right, he's definitely the worst prez ever. Imagine, not being able to straighten out 8 years of Bush's blundering, in a month. Start the impeachment.

Norm said...

That's right, Barney Frank (and his boy toy's no show job at fannie mae),Chris Dodd, Schumer, Ackerman, all these Democrats were Bush's problem. All the campaign donations that they accepted from the two federally created banking corporations, all the warnings from the Bush administration ignored. Now these idiots are running the ship. This is just honky dory.

Anonymous said...

In the most recent election cycle how did the two candidates differ from Bush on matters pertaining to: Immigration, Free trade, Relations with Russia, Relations with our allies, War in Afghanistan, Bailing out the bankers, Warrantless wiretaps, Renditions, ect…. Considering seamless continuity between administrations, why does everyone get worked up into such a lather come election time.

JD said...

George W. Bush