Sunday, June 27, 2010

Amanda Marcotte is Mad – Mad!! – at the 'Haters' Who Destroyed David Weigel


You can't make this stuff up:
In case it’s not obvious, Jesse and I are both on Journolist. Unlike a lot of people, I have no doubt that it was someone on the listserv --- someone who agreed to keep the listserv private --- that leaked the emails to the gossip blog Fishbowl. I know back-stabbing hater behavior when I see it, and this is textbook. Dave rather recently got the plum job at the Washington Post, and that’s the sort of thing that brings haters out of the woodwork. Whoever decided to ruin him probably thinks of him or herself as a good liberal, and probably thinks they deserve the job that Dave got. Well, you’re not, and I’ll bet a million dollars that you don’t. So congrats. Enjoy your moment of successful hating today. Tomorrow morning, whoever you are, you’re going to wake up the same hack you always were. Except now you’ll be covered in slime and responsible for taking someone out of a job where they were actually doing good, useful work. You fail on every level, asshole. Maybe if you spent more time working and less time hating on people with more talent than you, you wouldn’t be driven to perform gross acts of haterade.
More talent?

Right. At, uhmm, teabagging them before they teabag you,
I guess:

David Weigel


tyree said...

Based on his comments, David Weigel is the "hater" and whoever outed him is a hero for exposing him.