Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Senate Rejects Elena Kagan Nomination


Excuse me. Did I say "Senate Rejects Elena Kagan Nomination." No, no. I mean "Senate Rejects Robert Bork Nomination":

A fascinating clip. Not only do we see Senate Joseph "Bloviator" Biden in his prime grandstanding days, the segment is introduced by correspondent Judy Woodruff in her pre-CNN days (she's now back at PBS, which is the rest home for former news-anchor hotties). And notice dignified former Senator John Danforth (who was Clarence Thomas' sponsor during the 1991 nomination battle under Bush 41). Danforth is quite restrained. If it were me, I'd have stuffed a vuvuzela down Senator Bloviator's throat.

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Kagan Evasive When Asked by Hatch if She Changed Language in Partial-Birth Abortion Findings, Refuses to Say She Wrote Memo, But Admits It’s in Her Handwriting…" Yet, "Confirmation all but sure, Kagan ends testimony." Somthing's FUBAR.


Unknown said...

One of the biggest travisties in the history of the Country

Opus #6 said...

You got me all excited. I have been out of the loop today.