Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dave Weigel: 'I don't know how my ego will ever recover...'

Ann Althouse calls Dave Weigel kinda smug, as seen here:

David Weigel 6.14.10 @ 5:01PM#

Well, I really enjoyed the two and a half years I spent here, and I'm constantly confused as to why mentions of my name lead to a lot of schoolyard insults. I really can't figure out why they do it -- lack of fulfillment seems like a good enough theory. After all, I'm here, and they're where I left them in 2008.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to return to my rewarding job and large circle of friends. I don't know how my ego will ever recover...

But big boy Scotty Lame-ieux thinks old Weigel is just the cat's meow:
I haven’t seen anybody raise any objections to Weigel's excellent reporting, and if his reporting is good what he says about people on a private listserv is completely irrelevant...
Uh huh.

That Weigel thought Matt Drudge should burn to death in self-immolation is no big deal. It's all of those awful "whiney" Republicans who're to blame.

Typical stupid Lawyers, Guns and Money bullshit.

Here's what
Daily Caller publisher Neil Patel had to say about Weigel's "excellent reporting":
The Washington Post holds out Weigel as their reporter of choice to cover conservatives and Republicans. Weigel spends all his time going to conservative and Republican events and claiming to be an objective reporter there to cover them fairly. In between these events Weigel goes online and vents on JournoList to 400 other journalists — many who claim to be of the “objective” variety — about just how much he hates those “ratfucker” (his word) conservatives and Republicans. All of the other journalists in the know about this fraud just sit tight and let the fraud continue. Are these the “basic journalistic norms” that those on JournoList are upholding? The reporters on JournoList owe their readers an explanation.
More at Memeorandum. And see Media Decoder, "Post Blogger Quits After Limbaugh, Drudge Comments Were Made Public."

Added: From Matt Lewis, "Dave Weigel's Resignation From Washington Post Divides Conservatives."


Dennis said...

It does seem that those who think they are smarter than everyone else never grasp the importance of this kind of disclosure has on their own reputation and for the "Media" organization for whom they worked. This only re-enforces the idea that the MSM is incapable of objective reporting.