Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When Ann Althouse Gets Ahold of Those Archives...

Here she is, on the news of the $100K bid for JournoList, "Andrew Breitbart offers $100,000 for the full Journolist archive — with a promise to keep the source secret":
Surely, somewhere among the 400 members of that former discussion group, there is someone who feels motivated to fulfill the desire of the information to be free. I've listed reasons why I think it would be doing a good thing to make the archive public, and now there is an additional motivation — $100,000. Now, virtue is mixed with venality. But virtue is mixed with venality when it comes to keeping the archive private. The motivations for not disclosing are not pure. People are protecting their careers, hoping for favors from powerful and well-placed co-Journolisters. Breitbart has added economic incentive to the other side of the balance, and he fortifies his offer of payment with an ethical....
Lots more at the link.

100K is a lot of dough, but even the most self-interested might not want
to get on the receiving end of Althouse's wrath (or at least Garance won't sell out):

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Opus #6 said...

In today's economic climate, surely there is someone out there who wants to add 100K to their bank account.