Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sarah Palin at CSU Stanislaus

Video c/o Sissy Willis:

I'm late to this story, but it's a pretty big one. Some unidentified dickheads dissed Palin on live mic, and Fox40 Sacramento's' freakin', since they were the only network doin' a live feed. Best thing to do is read Sistah Toldjah's post, "Fox40, Multiple journo-dudes slam Palin after CA speech (UPDATE 8: FOX40 RESPONDS TO ST)." Sistah's got the audio of the unidentified, unprofessional slams on Palin, and Fox40 actually responded in the comments at the blog. Jennifer Cubachi also covered the story, "About Fox40 and the Sarah Palin Controversy." Interesting how bloggers broke open a big scoop. The network's repsponse is here, "Statement Regarding Comments Overheard On Stream Following Sarah Palin Speech."

BONUS: Ed Driscoll at RWN, "
Fox40 Covers Sarah Palin at Cal State, Forgets ‘All Mics are Hot’ Rule."

And check the thread at Memeorandum. And also, at Merced Sun-Star, "Sarah Palin discusses education and freedom at CSU Stanislaus banquet: She pokes fun of Jerry Brown and controversy over her speech, which raised $200k."