Friday, June 25, 2010

Toronto in Total Lockdown for Protests at G20 Summit

There's a fascinating slideshow here: "G20 Ghost Town: Toronto Eerily Empty."

Funny how when the left protests, authorities bring out the police-state apparatus the protect against the anarchy and violence. There's irony there. See, "
G20 Law Gives Police Sweeping Powers to Arrest People," and "Police State In, Power Suits Out as Toronto Goes Into Security Shock."

But Jawa Report says it best, "
Tea Party Protest Forces Lockdown of an Entire City":
Did I say tea party protest?

Sorry - I meant the annual leftwing/progressive riot-masquerading-as-political-protest known as the G-20 summit in Toronto. The police have had to practically institute martial law in an effort to deter and prevent the widespread rioting and destruction that these leftwing thugs bring to whatever city the descend upon.
And check the communist organization page at the Toronto Community Mobilization Network. It's all about "environmental justice" and "migrant rights," and, well, you know: workers of the world, blah, blah ...


smitty1e said...

Think of these summits as a kind of moving Colosseum, and these protesters as a staged, mock battle for the equestrians.