Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Discrimination Based on Social Condition?

That title? Yeah, it's kinda off, I know.

But consider the source: Libby Davies, Canadian Member of Parliament for the New Democratic Party. Davies was caught in a recent controversy in which
she denied Israel's right to exist. At the American Spectator, Aaron Goldstein calls her "Canada's Helen Thomas." Prime Minister Stephen Harper "demanded that her boss, NDP Leader Jack Layton, fire Ms. Davies."

All of this is pretty emblematic of today's radical left, and what actually got me interested in Ms. Davies is Blazing Cat Fur's post, "
Libby Davies ...even more stupid than first thought possible!"

It turns out that
Ms. Davies has "introduced two bills in the House of Commons to change the Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code to prohibit discrimination against a person based on their social condition."
This bill would amend the Canadian Human Rights Act to prohibit discrimination on the grounds of social condition. In doing so it would protect from discrimination people who are experiencing social or economic disadvantage, such as adequate housing, homelessness, source of income, occupation, level of education, poverty, or any similar circumstance. As the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation and many other organizations have pointed out, a person's standing in society is often determined by his or her occupation, income, education level or family background.
Pretty unreal, eh?

Check this comment at
Roy Eappen's:
Legislation such as this is a grave danger to a free society, grave danger to morals, ethics and commonsense ... they want to eradicate personal reponsibility and place the burden on the fabric of society.
All in a day's blogging, I guess.

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