Saturday, June 26, 2010

Katy Perry Goes Topless for Cover of Esquire


It's the real deal, and she looks fabulous.

See Esquire, "
Katy Perry: A Woman We Love."

Also, full cover shot and more at Hollywood News, "Katy Perry Goes Topless on Cover of Esquire Magazine."

I'd say this is a bit more classy than Lady Gaga's bid to use dead bodies as props for the Monster tour. After a while shock is a turnoff. But hotness sells, over and over again. Katy Perry's got that side of the business down cold.

And Celebuzz quips, "Russell Brand is a really lucky guy."

This isn't quite like "going nuclear" at The Classical Liberal, but it's good. Very good.

And I'd say this post deserves billboard status at Sir. Smitty's Rule 5 Sunday!


Dana said...

Your wife doesn't know you have this blog, does she? :)

JBW said...

As I've said before Don, babe blogging is one of the few things I think you do well on this site but let's have some truth in advertising: a chick holding her breasts is no more topless than if she were wearing a bra. Call me when she finally sets those babies free for real.