Thursday, June 24, 2010

Defining 'Blogger'

Great post from Melissa Clouthier, especially if you're just starting out, "Define Bloggers: On Matt Lewis’ Blogger List":

Lot's of people have a blog, does that make them bloggers?

I don't think so. Bloggers have, as their primary focus, blogging. They specialize in the sort of short-form journalism and commentary that is blogging. Most of the people on the list started blogging but to call them bloggers now would be to strain the definition of the word.

Maybe the blogging world has so transformed that the people listed should be called New Journalists. I don't know. Just because someone hasn't attended J-School does not mean that they're not journalists. And just because they work at the Weekly Standard, or National Review Online, or some other paid conservative online weekly doesn't, by definition, make them non-journalists.