Friday, June 25, 2010

General 'Betray Us'

The main entry is at Weasel Zippers, "MoveOn Scrubs “General Betray Us” Page From Website . . . Update: Flashback to 2007, Obama Skipped Senate Vote to Condemn MoveOn . . . Update 2: Rationale Page Also Flushed ..."

It's something alright, for these ads to be flushed down the memory hole. Also interesting is to watch how the useful stooges, MoveOn's Eli Pariser and Daily Kos founder Markos Moultisas, not only defend the ad, but demonize General Petraeus as a liar and the U.S. mission in Iraq as a lost cause. Couldn't have been more wrong, and of course these are the same creeps who want a cut-and-run from Afghanistan. This is your Democratic Party establishment. And amazing how President Obama, who was the biggest anti-war candidate throughout 2007, has now placed Petraeus in charge after leading the opportunistic attacks on Iraq earlier. A strange world, indeed:


Rusty Walker said...

That's right! And, now, several of the liberal media (CNN Wolf Blitzer, and others)used the same word,"brilliant" in connection with Obama choosing Patreas as the replacement. I remember the left-biased journalists ridiculing the ultimately successful "Petraeus Doctrine" troop surge in Iraq. I would have more respect if they would say, well, we changed our minds.