Wednesday, September 15, 2010

'Everybody Draw Mohammed' Cartoonist Goes Into Hiding

That's Molly Norris of Seattle.

The story's at WaPo, "
'Draw Muhammad' Cartoonist Changes Name, Goes Into Hiding at FBI's Insistence." Also, at Seattle Weekly, "On the Advice of the FBI, Cartoonist Molly Norris Disappears From View."

Morris was placed on an "execution hit list" by fanatical Islamist Anwar al-Awlaki. I understand her fears. But I'm sick to my stomach (and my heart) that it's come to this. Anyone speaking out is subject to a fatwa. (I'm sure a lot of my leftist enemies would cheer that.)

Ann Althouse is sympathetic, if not a bit amused by Morris' plight. But she adds:
There's a big Metafilter thread about it, which I'm reading after writing that. A surprising number of people are blaming Norris for bringing the death threats on herself.

Draw Muhammad


Amusing Bunni said...

Her cartoon wasn't even offensive, it was cute!
These murderous thugs are insane. I hope she stays safe.

I've seen things WAY worse than a few cute cartoon characters around the net, I can imagine what they'd do if they caught those artists.

quiznilo said...

If you were to have SEAL teams drop the 100 most radical Imams in the world, I'm sure the rest of them would get the message. You could save a *lot* of lives in this fashion.

JBW said...

I'm sure you consider me one of your "leftist enemies" Don so I think that it's very telling that I wholeheartedly endorsed "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day". The persecution this woman is enduring is the worst form of religious bullying and I'm glad you denounce it, albeit somewhat ignorantly.

Anonymous said...

I am HORRIFIED that the American security has to have a woman go in to hiding because of this.
This is outrageous.
Where is LIBERTY?
I saw this on Blazing Cat Fur
I am rebloging this. To get the word out more. I have been printing some articles, about once per week. I make about 4 copies each (all I can afford - ink and paper is not cheep) and post them everywhere I go. I also put different Web addresses on them: where I got the article and also some petition site and some random ones that are in the same vein. I'm not sure how much good I'm doing. Just started about 2 weeks ago. But it makes ME feel like I'm actually DOING something.
Anyway. I'm very disappointed at hearing this.
Why is Janet Napalitano not under impeachment?

JBW said...

txlady706, I'm sure you and I would disagree about many things but that aside: did you say that you're printing articles from the Internet and posting them around town? Did you just get here from 1997 in a Delorean? Do yourself a favor (and save some trees) and learn how to use email.

Wow, you sure do attract some real dinosaurs, Don. Why didn't you draw Mohammed?

pst314 said...

"A surprising number of people are blaming Norris for bringing the death threats on herself."

Not surprising at all--except to people like JBW who seem to be unaware of the strange alliance between much of the left and radical islam.

DrCruel said...

Posting flyers is still a part of the 21st century. I've seen them around, even on college campuses, where you would think the tech-savvy intelligensia would know better. Yet the tactic persists, and not without success.

As for me, the key problem isn't the religion so much as the bullying. I don't like it at all - even when the self-righteous Marxist atheists are doing it.

Dave said...

What else would one expect from a bunch of illiterates whose minds are locked firmly in the 7th Century.