Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Character Assassination of Robert Spencer

From David Horowitz, at FrontPage Magazine (via Blazing Cat Fur):
Robert Spencer has never supported a terrorist act. His crime in the eyes of the left is to have told the truth about Islamic fanatics beginning with the Islamic prophet who called for the extermination of the Jews and said in his farewell speech that he was called to fight until all men say that there is no God but allah.


See also Daniel Greenfield, "In Defense of Robert Spencer."
No tragedy goes long without exploitation, and the atrocities in Norway are no exception to that rule. The media is hard at work accusing researchers who monitor and warn about Islamic radicalism and terrorism of being responsible for the actions of an extremist and a terrorist.

Is silencing researchers who have put years of effort into exposing networks of radicals the right response to a terrorist attack? No reasonable person would think so. But that is exactly what media outlets like the New York Times and the Atlantic are trying to do.
Also, a response at Jihad Watch, "New York Times convicts Spencer of guilt for Norway murders." And Spencer at Human Events, "Accept Jihad, Or Children Will Die."