Monday, July 25, 2011

Police Criticized After Norway Attack

At Telegraph UK, "Norway shooting: police response criticised":

The Norwegian police's response to Friday's killing spree has come in for intense criticism after it was disclosed how the operation was beset by a series of delays and blunders.

Transport problems, including a lack of helicopters and a boat that sank, meant it took an hour to apprehend Anders Breivik after he began his attack, police admitted.
There had also been anger among some of the grieving families after suggestions that a security guard at the summer camp had not been at his post and had failed to apprehend the gunman.

However, police officials confirmed he had been at the scene, but had been one of Breivik's first victims.

As the controversy over the police action grew, officials were forced to publish a revised timetable of events in an effort to explain why they response was not quicker.
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Dennis said...

This is exactly why people should own guns. No matter how good the police try and do their job they are almost never going to be where needed when needed. In most cases we just keep getting the "Ain't it awful" at the crime scene, terrorist event, et al.
As I have stated before "When seconds count the police are minutes/hours away. It gives us a convenient person or group to blame instead of the perpetrator and poor policy that holds its citizens, increasingly subjects, hostage to those who desire to maintain power and control. Those in power will always have their guns or people with guns at the ready.