Saturday, July 30, 2011

Emerging Democratic Majority?

Michael Barone debates Ruy Teixeira on Capitol Hill, August 18th. My money's on Barone. Teixeira's been forecasting a coming Democrat majority as long as I can remember. Here's this report, shortly after the "Hope & Change" election of 2008: "New Progressive America: Twenty Years of Demographic, Geographic, and Attitudinal Changes Across the Country Herald a New Progressive Majority."

Teixeira's not quite as confident today, "Key Socialist Fears “White Working Class” Could Defeat Obama."

Freakin' commie douchenozzle.


Clausewitz said...

I have been under the impression for the past while that the Democrat left wing rabble were in the process of 'aborting' themselves into a political minority. That's reason why they look for things like amnesty for illegals, so that they can resupply the cookie jar.