Friday, July 29, 2011

Senate Quickly Moves to Block House Debt-Ceiling Plan

At Los Angeles Times:
The Senate voted Friday evening to reject Speaker John A. Boehner's debt-ceiling plan just hours after it moved through the House, setting up a dramatic weekend of negotiations as Congress works to stave off a potential federal default.
And House Speaker John Boehner at the video, via Legal Insurrection.

Also at The Hill, "Senate quickly tables Boehner debt plan" (via Memeorandum).

Added: Glenn Reynolds has a roundup. And at The Other McCain, "Boehner Debt-Ceiling Bill Barely Passes House 218-210; 22 GOP ‘No’ Votes." Lots of updates at that link.


Lisa said...

Reid is so pathetic. So irresponsible. Why is the Left so afraid of the balanced budget ammendment?