Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kevin DuJan Returns to HillBuzz!

See, "A personal note of thanks to our readers" (via Zilla of the Resistance on Twitter):
It takes a lot of work to produce the 25,000 or so words of original content I generate here at HB hitting the Left in every way I know how. Forgive the Harry Potter reference, but it’s like locating and taking jabs at Horcruxes every day, and being bitten, slashed, and assailed in return by the Left in all its hydra forms. The Alinsky Rules book is a tome Voldemort would love, for sure. I’ve endured these nonstop personal attacks for two years plus now, and I just can’t pretend they haven’t changed my DNA in some ways. This stuff won’t truly beat you unless you let it, but it will succeed in thoroughly beating you down.
Here's wishing that guy a long life. And more at the link.