Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dan Peek, 1950 – 2011

Just learned of Dan Peek's death, at Wizbang, "Dan Peek, RIP."

I posted this clip last year, "This Is For All the Lonely People..."

See the write-up at Ultimate Classic Rock, "FOUNDING AMERICA MEMBER DAN PEEK DIES AT 60." Also Aaron Goldstein at American Spectator, "Dan Peek, R.I.P."

Plus a news report at Kansas City Star, "Dan Peek, founding member of soft-rock trio America, dies at 60."

Sixties too young. God bless Peek's family.


Stogie said...

Oh no! You mean of the band that recorded "Sister Golden Hair?"

I love that song.

AmPowerBlog said...

He's dead, Stogie. A great band. I used to play that album over and over, as I'm sure most everybody did. "Ventura Highway" reminds of Santa Barbara whenever I hear it.