Saturday, July 30, 2011

What If They Gave Charles Johnson a Memeorandum Thread and Nobody Came?

Poor old King Charles.

For some reason the Memeorandum algorithm picked up this post at Little Green Footballs: "Pamela Geller Edits Post to Conceal Violent Rhetoric in ‘Email from Norway’." It's time-stamped at 7:20pm Friday night (at Memorandum River), and almost 6 hours later not a single blog has linked. And to think, this used to be the mighty LGF. I remember way back, as a beginning blogger, the aura of CJ's blogospheric greatness. (Folks would talk about checking over there to see if "the window opens" so they could be cool and register for commenting.) And now, well, the dude having a hard time getting folks to even post some "Downfall" parodies.


In any case, here's a link to POH Diaries, "Courageous Conservatives Episode #4: Pamela Geller."

And ICYMI at Zilla's, "Operation United Front - UPDATED - Roll Call!"


William Teach said...

It's hilarious that Excitable Chucky wants to bring up editing posts : how many of his have been edited or thrown down the memory hole over the last few years?

Anonymous said...

So, you actually deny that she edited the post?

if you do, you are clinical.

Zilla said...

Thanks for linking to me again!
Your post also explains the latest comment to my post (a comment that made no sense to me until I saw this). Nothing LGF has to say has any value or merit, the fat bastard over there has clearly demonstrated that he likes to make stuff up and also that he is a vile little cretin.
Yours will likely be the only credible blog that will have linked to him unless they are doing it to discuss what an ass he he is.

ChenZhen said...

Remember this little bit of revisionist editing?

Zilla said...

Pamela addresses this latest idiocy from Chucky:
Anyone who takes anything from LGF seriously oughtta have their heads examined.