Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pamela Geller and Political Relevance

You know, when Pamela Geller was featured on the front-page of the Sunday New York Times last October, I thought, "Wow, that's commanding a lot of attention for a blogger." This was of course not long after September 11th, and Pamela's organization staged the big protest against the conquest mosque at Ground Zero. See the report: "Fight Against the 'Mosque'." Pamela also wrote an outstanding book on Barack Obama's post-American presidency, and her blog Atlas Shrugs remains one of the top-ranked blogs on the web. She's mobilized thousands upon thousands of people to join and fight for a cause. And she's traveled the county speaking and educating Americans on Islamic jihad and the stakes of the information battlespace. And I could go on. So I found this debate between Peter Ingemi and Josh Trevino on Twitter the other day pretty interesting, and Peter --- who is Da Tech Guy --- has a write up at The Conservatory, "Pam Geller and Relevance, Part 1: Conventional Wisdom."


In any case, I'm pictured with Pamela last year at her book signing in Los Angeles.

More later ...


Randy-g said...

Aint you the lucky man...She is a stalwart for the cause. Good work Don, damn good work.