Sunday, July 24, 2011

'Feeling of Hopelessness' Behind Norway Shooter's Motivations

Read the essay at Saber Point, "Norway Shooter Felt Democracy Offered 'No Hope,' Advocated Armed Struggle."

And of course folks should read the manifesto as well. I don't know how much was plagiarized --- could have been the bulk of it, actually --- but many sections weren't unreasonable at all. These are things most people won't consider (as Breivik's actions were supremely evil), but Stogie nevertheless lets the chips fall where they may:
After Timothy McVeigh blew up the federal building in Oklahoma, his violence was blamed on "right wing rhetoric." However, his violence was really based on leftwing, governmental extremism at both Waco and Ruby Ridge. This is not to justify his evil act, but to provide an accurate description of his motivations.

Now we have Anders Behring Breivik, another individual of McVeigh's ilk. His violence will again be blamed on "right wing rhetoric," but once again his actions are based on leftist political activities and a feeling of hopelessness in bringing change through democratic processes. Breivik's huge crime was largely caused by Gramscian leftist political strategy, which has been highly successful in undermining western culture and institutions over the past 75 years. Now, in response to that crime, we can expect more Gramscian propaganda and a continued feeling of alienation by conservative nationalists, who will be vilified once again for resisting the death of the West, and again painted as mad men bent on violence.


Driller said...

I totally agree with you.