Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Obama Approval Picks Up in Latest New York Times Poll

Obama will be reelected if he keeps benefiting from improved perceptions on the economy, as shown at the latest poll at the New York Times. See: "Economic Growth Gives Lift to Obama in NYT/CBS Poll." The only thing worrisome for the Democrats is that respondents continue to give the president low marks on handling of the economy --- 50 percent disapproved of the president on that measure, compared to 44 percent approval --- and respondents are also unhappy about Obama's handling of the budget. But the trend line is positive for the administration, and the president will continue to benefit until the GOP decides on a nominee. At that time Republicans can train their sites on the White House and attack the administration's economic record with both barrels.

Lots more polling data and reporting at Memeorandum.

It's going to be an extremely hard-fought campaign. I'm excited for the primaries to wrap up.