Wednesday, February 15, 2012

'Sex at CPAC is Strongly Discouraged'

Look, you're surrounded by young women at CPAC, so it's not surprising that a lot of young conservative dudes would be looking to score, but by the looks of the buzz online yesterday, a backlash is brewing among those older and wiser. See Robert Stacy McCain, for example, "Cody’s Totally Excellent CPAC."

Robert links to Erick Erickson, "CPAC: Not Quite Like the Media Matters Communications Room. But Still, Grow Up" (at Memeorandum as well). And also to Melissa Clouthier, who pulls no punches, "CPAC: The Jersey Shore-ification of Our Young People":
Women, if you’re at a conference where you’re learning to be a future politician or wish to succeed in the business of politics, dress the part. No, you don’t have to be in a business suit with pearls. However, modesty is a minimum. So:

1. No cleavage. That’s right. Cover that up. I say “no” in absolutist terms because women will show a tiny bit and that’s okay, but really, in a business environment where ideas are the priority, a dude thinking about your ta-tas is counter-productive.

2. Skirts no more than three finger-widths above the knee. Why do I even have to write this? Well, because someone is allowing these girls out of the house with mini-skirts that reveal too much.

3. Save the stilettos for Saturday night on a date with your boyfriend.

4. Bend at the knee. No, I don’t want to see your butt.

Young women, you degrade your own value by dressing and then acting the ho.

I cannot even tell you how many girls have told me that all they want is to get married and have babies. They do not seem to make the connection that a young man is not interested in getting married and making babies with a girl who is so easy as to have a one-night stand over a CPAC weekend (or any other weekend.)

You know what a guy thinks when you slut-it-up? He thinks: If she’ll do that with me, she’ll do that with anyone.

This is not politically correct advice, mind you. Young ladies at college are encouraged to embrace their sexuality and flaunt it on the one hand (empowerment!) or to be tough, gruff and make-up free (man’s world!) to be taken seriously.

A successful woman can be tough and beautiful, modest and stylish, smart and sexy while still being chaste and having expectations of men.

The conservative movement means conservative values–promoting behavior that will lead to a sound society. Family is at the basis of this. Sexuality, and the self-management of it, is at the core of family.

A man who will use self-restraint, respect a woman, honor her enough to not pressure for sex–is a man who will more likely be faithful in marriage, work and life.

Likewise, a woman who sees herself as more than a sex-object and realizes she doesn’t need to be a man in order to be worthy, who carries herself with confidence and modesty, will attract men who want to get married and make babies.
I don't know, but I suspect that young people raised well by their parents already know this. My son for example is a young gentlemen who respects his girlfriends and hangs with a good crowd. But in four or five years, if he's out at a CPAC-like conference, I'm not going to blame him if he's looking for a good time --- and if that means notching a bedpost, well, you only live once. Frankly, young people are looking for action, and I'd be surprised if this notion of no hitting on hotties at CPAC finds a huge audience with the hip crowd. Indeed, I think I'm with Dan Riehl on the more on the libertarian side of things. Either way, have fun, be responsible and dress nice --- and most of all, keep a perspective on things. Sure the goal is marriage and family, but one doesn't have to detour to the monastery beforehand.