Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer Calls for Limits on First Amendment Free Speech Rights

Although the Brett Kimberlin affair is fading from the limelight, at least temporarily, I continue to stand by my argument that the battle is indeed partisan. Recall my earlier entry: "Will People STFU About How Brett Kimberlin Affair is 'Non-Partisan'? This is an Epic Partisan Battle Over How 'Free Speech' Will Be Defined."

The key point, again, is that left and right define free speech differently. Democrats are now advocating limits on political speech, which has nothing to do with yelling fire falsely in a theater. But here's Sen. Schumer, in a late-night Senate debate on the Democrats' "DISCLOSE Act". See Rob Bluey, at Hot Air, "Schumer calls for “limits on First Amendment rights” during Senate debate."

Bluey has the transcript at the link.

I personally don't remember any instance where the First Amendment was argued to protect equality, but that's the rationale Schumer's proposing, that limits on free speech are needed to protect equality. Only radical progressive make such arguments. They make them when the attempt to shut down conservative speech. So I can't stress enough how it behooves those of us on the right to fight the progressive anti-speech effort with everything we've got. A successful push to amend the First Amendment is the real threat to equality, the equality of an open marketplace for political speech.