Sunday, July 1, 2012

Larry Brinkin Update: Homosexual Pedophile Exposes Rank Hypocrisy of Radical Left's 'Social Justice' Agenda

Crickets were chirping among the the usual suspects at the news of San Francisco homosexual child predator Larry Brinkin, first reported here: "Larry Brinkin, President of the California Association of Human Relations Organizations (CAHRO), Gay Rights Icon, Arrested on Child Pornography Charges."

It's, you know, nothing to see here, move along. I mean, someone might say Brinkin's inherently gay predations are no different from, like, the case a young lesbian couple shot in Texas where there is no evidence that prejudice was a motive. But of course, progressives can't argue on the merits, so they'll just attack you as a "bigot." F-king pathetic hypocrite losers. So of course they don't call out one of their own, because that might rightfully cast a dim light on the radical homosexual agenda that's destroying America.

See Blazing Cat Fur, "Moral Relativism and the Plight of a Pedophile":

...Brinkin is just as much the result of a philosophy which preaches that there is no set standard for right or wrong and that human decency is a passé concept that hinges on personal conscience, not social mores or outdated religious criteria.

Brinkin thrived for almost a quarter of a century in a setting that promotes the false premise that moral behavior is subject to individual judgment.  He was well-respected in a community that makes heroes of people whose primary goal is to undermine traditional values such as marriage, portray as out-of-date the belief that heterosexuality is normal, and endorse all manner of perverse behavior by putting it all under the umbrella of "human rights."

So in Mr. Brinkin's case, after making a name for himself advocating for the right to individual sexual expression, it could be that he had convinced himself that pedophilia also meets the necessary criteria.  The North American Man Boy Love Association marched in San Francisco Gay Pride Parades early in Brinkin's career.

Before retiring from the equitable workplace he had helped create and retreating to his e-mail account and his NAMBLA-like discussion group, Larry Brinkin lived and gained fame in a world where the lines that define decency are oftentimes ambiguous.  Brinkin attained star status in a city where people pride themselves on being their own moral judge and jury, where individuals are the subjective arbiters of their own behavior and the sole captains of carnal vessels that are encouraged to set sail in any direction they desire.

Then Brinkin, at 66 years old -- old enough to be someone's grandpa -- is caught with child pornography on his computer and participating in an online chat that approves of sexually molesting innocent children.  The question arises: who, then, in a secular culture determines the ethical norms? After Brinkin spent 22 years working to eradicate a line of moral demarcation, does someone or some system with different measures now get to draw a new line in the sand?
Yes, and this is the lifestyle that well known progressive perverts defend. Remember, if you're not down with the predation you're a bigot!

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