Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MD Rabbi Alam, Obama Ally and Democrat Candidate for Missouri Secretary of State, Claims No Jews Died on 9/11

This guy's a mainstream Democrat, running for statewide office in Missouri, and boasts personal invitations to the Obama White House.

This is no anomaly. This is today's Democrat Party Jew-hating establishment.

At Atlas Shrugs, "Democrat Jew-hatred: Missouri Muslim Politician Claims 'No Jews Died During the Attacks of 9/11."

MD Alam
This is today's Democrat party. And so is this. What red-blooded, freedom-loving American would associate with the fifth column? Folks should be fleeing in droves ......

This guy is Obama's former satellite campaign manager. More Jew-hatred on Obama's Website: Hub for hate, terror and antisemitism.

Islamic Jew-hatred, it's in the quran.
And see the Washington Free Beacon, "Secretary of Truth":
A Democratic Party caucus chairman vying to become Missouri’s next secretary of state is a 9/11 Truther who has associated with a radical Muslim cleric and trafficked in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

MD Rabbi Alam is an Obama campaign ally and Missouri-based Democratic activist who chairs the National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus (NDPAAC), a Democratic National Committee-sponsored organization that liaises with Asian minorities.

Alam, who was born in Bangladesh, served as a “satellite campaign manager” for then-candidate Barack Obama and the Democratic Party during the 2008 elections, and has since been invited to the White House.

Alam has speculated about Jewish involvement in the September 11th terrorist attacks and participated in an event with a Muslim cleric who has accused Israel of terrorism and alleged that the U.S. invented the HIV disease.

“Why [was] 9/11 was a official holidy [sic] for all jewish [sic] people worked in the the [sic] WTC?” Alam asked in an Internet discussion titled, “Was 9/11 a conspiracy??”

Alam went on to tout the 9/11 Truther film Loose Change 9/11, and challenged readers to “tell me how many of the Jewish people died on the 9/11 tragedy?”

Asked in an interview Monday about his provocative views, Alam stood by his controversial writings, admitting that he has been “waiting to discuss it with somebody.”

“My question was, ‘What’s the reason not a single Jew was killed on that day,’” Alam said, maintaining that his inquiries are based on facts, rather than a bias against Jewish people. “Was there a single Jew killed on that day?”

The State Department long ago debunked the insinuation that Jews, forewarned about the attacks, stayed home on September 11. Officials estimate that somewhere between 200 and 400 Jews died in the World Trade Center; five Israeli citizens also perished in the attacks.

Alam, however, still has many questions, and cites “articles and research” purportedly showing that Jews were not killed.

Alam spent the next 20 minutes of the interview explaining the impossibility that commercial airliners could have singlehandedly knocked down the Twin Towers.

“I have 100 percent doubts. It doesn’t add up,” he said. “My bottom line is the plane is not solely responsible for destroying the whole building.”

Alam’s longstanding ties to the president and Democratic Party make his radical views about the 9/11 attacks and Jewish people all the more startling, political insiders and campaign experts say.

“When people make the Jewish claim with respect to the 9/11 attacks, that is such a red flag for an anti-Semite,” said Debra Burlingame, a board member of the national security group Keep America Safe. “It’s a dirty little truth for the 9/11 Truthers.”
Check the guy's website.

And remember, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz boasts a top staffer who slurs Jews on Facebook as "Jew-bags." See: "In flap over Jewish slur, Debbie Wasserman Schultz stands by aide."

It's the party of hate.

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