Sunday, March 3, 2013

Anti-Humanist Poll Finds Population Growth Threatens Other Species

This is a leftist PPP poll, sponsored by the radical Center for Biological Diversity, which opposes the Keystone Pipeline project, among many other initiatives that would improve the quality of life of Americans and expand the productive workforce. But if those goals threaten species "diversity" and "sustainability" (PC fear-mongering enviro buzzwords), human well-being has to take a backseat.

These are environmental extremists and it's sad that they're getting mainstream treatment at the Los Angeles Times, "Population growth is threat to other species, poll respondents say."

Also, the Center's Jerry Karnas has this at the far-left Daily Beast, "New Poll Finds Americans Are Worried About Runaway Population Growth."

After reading that, clean the disgustingly vile taste with Robert Zubrin, "Green Anti-Humanism: The use of fictitious necessity to rationalize human oppression is not new":
Contrary to Population Bomb author Paul Ehrlich, the world was not overpopulated in 1967. In fact, since that time, as world population has doubled, average GDP per capita has nearly tripled. Yet, unfortunately, that did not stop population-control advocates from obtaining billions of dollars of U.S. taxpayer money to help Third World regimes stop reproduction among their poor, in general, and despised national minorities, in particular. And there is certainly no moral case for limiting carbon emissions.
They're assholes.

Progressive environmentalists are totalitarian assholes. And, unfortunately, Americans are being being sold a bogus anti-humanist bill of goods.