Saturday, March 16, 2013

Depraved, Hypocritical Leftists Attack Conservatives for Standing Up for Conservative Principles

If libertarian "conservatives" think they're doing the GOP a favor by pushing the party toward accepting homosexual marriage as a matter of policy, they need to think again.

The leftist media went batsh*t at the news of Sen. Rob Portman coming out for homosexual marriage. This was a yawner to me, so I ignored it at the time. But now here comes the depraved homos at Think Progress with their creepy CPAC video alleging that conservatives are bigots for disagreeing with Sen. Portman's change of heart. See: "VIDEO: CPAC Attendees Blast GOP Senator Who Announced Support For Marriage Equality." (Watch the clip here.) And don't you love the headline at Towleroad?, "CPAC Attendees Blast Sen. Portman For Loving His Gay Son: VIDEO."

Actually, conservatives are not "blasting" him for "loving his son," but for abandoning conservative principles. But compare the CPAC attendees who stayed true to their values to the depraved progressive hypocrites who viciously attacked Portman for coming out for so-called "marriage equality." You'd think he'd be getting big cheers on the left for finally seeing the light, but you'd be wrong. Portman was vilified and demonized as only the left knows how. At Twitchy, "No gay-lo for Rob Portman: Many libs lash out at senator for 'evolving' on same-sex marriage."

Personally, I'm not impressed with Portman's change of heart, but Glenn Greenwald has a word or two for the progressives attacking him:
Portman's explanation [of a family member coming out as gay] is far from aberrational or confined to one ideological group: it's how political opinions are often shaped and how political progress is often achieved. And it's definitely the leading reason why so many people who opposed gay equality a short time ago now support it.
And for alll those libertarian "conservatives" who think they're on the right side of history, the Atlantic's Noah Berlatsky illustrates the kind of thanks you'll get from the left, "Rob Portman's Selfish Reversal on Marriage Is a Triumph for Gay Rights":
Portman ... [sees] his personal experience with gay issues in political terms. That's not because he's especially sensitive or thoughtful — there is no reason to think he is either. Rather, it's because gay rights advocates have been so successful in linking the personal and the political together that even the most unreflective career pol can't help but connect them....

[His] op-ed makes him sound like someone who, faced with a moral dilemma, has muddled through as best he can with the least thought and effort possible. The fact is, though, that most of us, most of the time, are more like Rob Portman than we are like, say, Mildred Loving, the woman whose Supreme Court case overturned the laws against interracial marriage. The marriage equality movement, like any moral movement, has been built by activists with great struggle and courage. But it's success is measured by the fact that it has framed the issues in question such that even the selfish and small-minded can, given a little push by their families, make the right choices. Portman is not an inspiring figure. But there is something inspiring in realizing that the movement has reached a point where even someone like him finds it easier to make the right choice than the wrong one.
Yay, Sen. Portman! Way to win friends and influence people on the left!

Look, voters are not fools. If they're picking candidates and parties on the basis of policies like homosexual marriage, they'll go for the truly left-wing party every time: the Democrats. The so-called conservatives at CPAC who're deluding themselves as hip and cool for supporting same-sex marriage are essentially being hammered by the progressive degenerates for whom bunghole bungee-jumping is a regular pastime.

The conference looked like a lot of fun, but considering my firm belief that legally nationalizing homosexual marriage will be a disaster for America's children, I'm glad I held off on attending #CPAC2013.