Saturday, March 16, 2013

Homosexuals Infiltrating #CPAC2013

Bryan Fischer interviews Cliff Kincaid following the "gay conservative" controversy:

And my earlier comments, "The 'Gay Conservative' Oxymoron."

Also from Star Parker in 2011, "'Gay Conservative' Is an Oxymoron":
The idea of “gay conservative” is an oxymoron.

“Gay” is everything that “conservative” is not.

The foundation of the worldview that so-called “gay conservatives” embrace has far more in common with liberalism than with conservatism.

It’s a worldview that is man-centered rather than God-centered. It is a worldview that rejects eternal truths passed on from the beginning of time. Although the worldview that “gay conservatives” choose to invent may diverge from the worldview of liberals, their common ground is that they make it all up.

And it is here where “gay conservatives” and “liberals” fundamentally depart from conservatives.

Conservatives believe that there are objective and eternal truths, not of the product of any individual human mind, that are transmitted through the generations. Culture is not like HDTV or iPhones where the newest model is the best.

These eternal truths provide the light in the fog that keeps us from crashing on the rocky shores where our base instincts lead us.

“Gay” is liberal, not conservative, regardless of what their stand may be on government spending or taxes.
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