Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hugo Chávez, Venezuela's Anti-American Caudillo, Dead at 58

From this morning's Los Angeles Times, "President Hugo Chavez dies at 58; hero to Venezuela's poor":
The charismatic leader won the loyalty of the impoverished with his socialist revolution, but he left the nation deeply divided and did little to help it develop, analysts say.
And don't miss Michael Moynihan, "Hugo Chávez Dead at 58: Good Riddance!"

Plus, Twitter was a riot last night, with all the progs going crazy with the Chávez necrophilia. This was hilarious, at Twitchy, "ThinkProgress compelled to warn readers against eulogizing hateful tyrant."

Lots more at Twitchy's "Hugo Chávez" search results.

And see Alma Guillermoprieto, at the New York Review, "The Last Caudillo."