Sunday, May 25, 2014

Emo-Prog Elliot Rodger Was Fan of #MSNBC's Far-Left Spin-Off Channel 'Young Turks'

Boy, the murderin' leftist fringe is having a terrible time dealing with Hollywood leftist Elliot Rodger's Isla Vista shooting rampage.

My entry yesterday is up to over 100 at the comments of pure desperation, "Spoiled Hollywood Leftist Elliot Rodger Mass Murder in Isla Vista at #UCSB."

Basically, and predictably, the left is jonesin' to portray Rodger as some extreme right-wing white supremacist tea party conserva-libertarian pick-up artist misogynist --- and not necessarily in that order. I mean seriously, leftists are fanatical and delusional about this. The fact is, as I pointed out yesterday, Rodger was marinated in classic Hollywood luxury leftism, and he'd developed the textbook case of clinical psychosis and narcissistic personality disorder. He was an entitled, hate-addled leftist through and through.

But it gets even deeper. It turns out that one of Rodger's favorite YouTube channels belongs to the radical former MSNBC host Cenk Uygur, whose "Young Turks" program broke off from MSNBC in a dispute over Uygur's criticism of the Obama administration from the far left. Basically, "Young Turks" is an MSNBC reject, a spin-off whose followers are "emo progressives" hostile to Democrat accommodation politics at the White House. That is, apparently Rodger, according to his YouTube favorites, didn't think the Obama Democrats were far-left radical enough!

See Gateway Pundit, "Another Leftist Killer ➙ Santa Barbara Shooter Elliot Rodger Was Fan “Young Turks” Channel":

Elliot Rodger photo Boabb6qIQAEaTdw_zps4039d1f6.jpg
Elliot Rodger posted a crazy video before his mass killing spree titled, “Elliot Rodger Retribution”.

And, Elliot Rodger was a fan of the far left “Young Turks” YouTube Channel.

The Young Turks was one of his favorited channels.

The Young Turk describes itself as “a young progressive or insurgent member of an institution.”

The host of the channel Cenk Uygur is a far left political activist and former MSNBC host.
Rodger's favorites are here. There are no right-wing "Fox News" channels listed.

The simple fact is that Elliot Rodger fits no conservative template, and was in fact a classic Hollywood luxury leftist suffering from a sick narcissistic sense of entitlement. The dude needed help, and bad.

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