Saturday, May 24, 2014

Spoiled Hollywood Leftist Elliot Rodger Mass Murder in Isla Vista at #UCSB

Virtually to the one, psycho mass shooters have been flaming progressive leftists.

And now we have this born-in-privilege, BMW-driving Hollywood leftist Elliot Rodger, who went on a rampage late last night at UCSB.


More at Bearing Arms, "A MASS MURDERER MADE IN HOLLYWOOD: Spoiled, Rejected Son of Hunger Games Assistant Director Murders Six In BMW Drive-By Shooting Before Committing Suicide":
Curiously, American media outlets like the Chicago Tribune, NPR, CNN, and NBC LA have refused to name the suspect, even though he posted his rant justifying the mass murder before it took place on social media video sites YouTube and Liveleak.

This is incredibly bizarre behavior by a mainstream media that is very quick to speculate on the identity of suspects in high-profile crimes with even the flimsiest of evidence (for example, slandering Olympic Park hero Richard Jewell as the suspect in Eric Robert Rudolph’s 1996 Summer Olympics bombing, and claiming that the Sandy Hook shooting was carried out by Adam Lanza’s brother). Here, they seem to have circled the proverbial wagons around this son of Hollywood royalty in a protective measure.

Likewise, the Facebook pages and Twitter feeds of Michael Bloomberg-funded citizen control cult Moms Demand Action/Everytown for Gun Safety and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) remain mute on the killings, when such crimes are generally exploited immediately for public relations purposes by these groups.


I hate being cynical, but it appears that the gun control groups and the mainstream media are more interested in protecting the image of their progressive Hollywood allies than they are telling the story of what happened last night.
You think?

You can watch his deranged leftist entitlement manifesto at the Blaze, "Extreme Caution: This Frightening YouTube Video May Be the Manifesto of Santa Barbara Mass Slayer."

Don't know if Rodger was a Democrat, but he was a classic spoiled-brat postmodern leftist.

Here's the MSM report at LAT, "7 dead in drive-by shootings near UC Santa Barbara."

The depraved Obama-protection media will be spinning this Elliot Rodger as some kinda of NRA-survivalist tea party conserva-libertarian, or something.

Sorry, but that ain't gonna fly. This guy had the Hollywood leftist silver spoon in his mouth since diapers. Cradled in privilege, he resorted to the only thing leftists know when they don't get what they want: murderous eliminationist violence.

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ADDED: From the Other McCain, "Hollywood Director’s Son Kills Six in Shooting Rampage Against ‘Sluts’":
At the root of the “Nice Guy” rationalization is a narcissistic blindness to his own shortcomings and a sense of entitlement to female companionship. He cannot admit (especially to himself) that his own resentments are actually motivated by envy, nor that his rage against women is a type of “sour grapes” rationalization: Frustrated desire expressed as rejection of those who reject him.
There isn’t really a political aspect to this kind of maladjustment although, as with every mass shooting, the Left is trying to play “pin the tail on the right wing,” and conservatives are pushing back..
Indeed, most of the time there's little that's really political about these mass shootings, and even when a political official is involved (Gabby Giffords) the mainstream press botches the story ghoulishly, pinning blame on fictional Republican "target maps" or what not. But because there are huge political implications, conservatives can't sit by idly and let the left's lies take over the popular imagination. These people are not just depraved. They're evil.