Monday, May 26, 2014

#UCSB Victim's Father Richard Martinez Bewails Politicians After Sandy Hook - #IslaVistaShooting

Following-up from earlier, "Richard Martinez, Father of #UCSB Student Murdered in #IslaVista Rampage, Blames #NRA for Son's Death."

He's still in shock. Seriously. It's understandable but he looks like a pitiful fool. And it's a travesty that he's being exploited to push the bogus gun control narrative. No one wants to lose their son. I'd be devastated as well. Perhaps he'll become more reasonable as the healing begins. He won't be helped by ghoulish left-wing groups like Mom's Demand Action, that's for sure.

Seen a few minutes ago on Carol Costello's show. She's really pushing the gun control angle, despite the fact that the killer also used knives and his BMW to kill and maim his targets.