Saturday, May 31, 2014

Exene Cervenka Issues Apology for Santa Barbara 'Hoax' Remarks — #UCSB


Days after making comments on her Twitter account referring to last weekend’s Santa Barbara shootings as a “hoax,” Exene Cervenka took to another social media channel to air her apology.

In a post on her band X‘s Facebook, the singer apologized for using the word “hoax” to describe the Elliot Rodger shootings, which left seven dead and 13 others injured.

“I want to apologize for using the word ‘hoax’ in a comment I made on social media,” she wrote. “I realize people have died in these violent events and we have all experienced that in our own lives. No one wants anyone else to ever have to go through that.” However, she didn’t exactly back down from one source in particular: the media as a whole.

“The point I am always trying to make is that we need to start thinking critically, looking past the headlines at all available information and make an informed opinion,” Cervenka continued.

“My issue is with the media’s coverage of events that will shape our public policy and laws for generations to come. We all need to be involved in that debate but we cannot contribute unless we have accurate truthful and complete information about what happened at any of these events.”
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