Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How Could Effeminate Elliot Roger Overpower and Stab Three Men to Death?

I was wondering about this almost as soon as I'd heard the news that Rodger killed his roommates by knifing them to death.

At the Los Angeles Times, "Isla Vista returning to normal as painful questions linger":
Exactly how the rampage began remains one of the case's key mysteries. How did a physically unimposing 22-year-old manage to stab three men to death, apparently without drawing anyone's attention? Police are not releasing any details of their findings in the investigation.

On Monday, students were puzzling over how it could have happened.  "It's kind of unbelievable," said Bonan Yan, who took computer science classes with the stabbing victims.

Zhe Lu, another computer science student who knew the victims, said: "If a person was in danger for his life, I think he would try everything to escape. From a door. From a window...."

Wang's mother, Jane Liu, told KNTV-TV Channel 11 in the Bay Area that her son was upset by loud music that Rodger played in the middle of the night and had decided to find another apartment for the next school year...
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And at KEYT Santa Barbara, "Parents Help Students Heal from Isla Vista Mass Murders."