Saturday, May 24, 2014

No More Mister Nice Blargh! — Prepping for 'Right Wing Reaction' to Leftist Elliot Rodger!

No More Mister's record on this front isn't so hot, lol.

But full steam ahead in any case. Here's his post desperately attempting to deflect attention away from Elliot Rodger's sick leftist misogyny and hatred, "CALIFORNIA SPREE KILLINGS -- I'M BRACING MYSELF FOR THE RIGHT-WING REACTION."

So far all the idiot leftists can muster is that Rodger was some kind of "men's rights" activist, which is stupid, not to mention dishonest. I blogged it here, "The So-Called 'Men's Rights Movement' is a Far-Left Progressive Project."

And here's Kash Hill with a Twitter stream debunking the leftist idiocy and denialism:

A sick leftist afflicted by pathological entitlement. There's no progressive spin to cover for the guy's Hollywood privilege and far-left bona fides. But that won't stop dumbasses like No More Mister from trying.