Friday, May 30, 2014

Undocumented Families in Milwaukee: Illegal Immigration 'Not a Crime'

My college is roughly 50 percent Hispanic, and when students write their semester news analysis notebooks, the view that illegal immigration is just "immigration" is almost uniform among that demographic. Virtually all of my Latino students have a close relative or a friend who is illegal. It's obviously a touchy subject.

No one wants family members deported. The solution is to secure the border to prevent illegals from coming here in the first place. After that we'll no doubt see a push for "comprehensive immigration reform," which is of course amnesty. The whole deal's a national charade where the "immigrant" groups pretend to be law-abiding future Americans and the U.S. government pretends to secure our national sovereignty from foreign invaders.

Clearly, the Orwellianism of it all has won the day. The "immigrant" family pictured at the New York Times shows a woman with the shirt blaring, "Immigration: Not a Crime." The law [on ILLEGAL immigration] says otherwise, sadly for her. Live a lie long enough and you get burned by your own deceit.

See, "Sweep Coincides With Delay on Deportation Policy Changes."

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