Monday, May 26, 2014

"These 'Jewish leaders' are morons..."

At Algemeiner, "Jewish Groups Concerned Over Far-Right Surge in European Union Parliamentary Elections."

When I saw this headline I thought, "Huh, it's the far-left that's the biggest threat to Jews in Europe today."

And what do you know? Here's the very first comment:
These “Jewish leaders” are morons that have ideological blinders on. Yes, Jobbik is a threat, and to some extent, the FN too (but not the UKIP – Farage is pro-Israel). But the real growth in Jew-hatred in Europe has long been due to the left, and not just the radical left, but the mainstream left – which after all, has the power to spread its Israel-bashing, Jew-hating lies due to the left’s control of media, the arts, the Universities, the EU bureaucracy and the NGOs. Sweden has become a neo-Nazi state due to Jew-hatred by its mainstream Socialists; the country has no far-right to speak of. Same with Norway, and sadly now Denmark as well.

FN will be no worse, and probably less bad, in this regard, than all those Communists, Socialists, Greens and Trotskyists who dominate the EU and European media and culture.
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