Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cowardly #ANSWER Communists Violently Harass 'American Power' at Anaheim Police Brutality Protest!

ANSWER Los Angeles held a rally and protest march against police brutality in Anaheim today, "Anaheim: July 19 March to End Police Terror."

The event was an anniversary follow-up to their city hall protest last July, "STAY IN THE STREETS! FROM THE RACIST POLICE TO THE RACIST 'JUSTICE' SYSTEM - STOP THE WAR ON BLACK & BROWN YOUTH!"

I covered last year's protest and blogged it, "Communists March Against Police Brutality in Anaheim!," and "Communists Protest Police Brutality in Anaheim — #JusticeForTrayvon."

So I was in Anaheim this morning to cover the anti-amnesty protests on Ball Road at the 57 Fwy, and I swung over to Stoddard Park, near Disneyland, to take a few photos and Vines at ANSWER's protest. I was unable to take as many as I would have liked. "Cassandra" and "Jordyan, who were out to the Murrieta Border Station protest a couple of weeks ago, sicced their La Raza racists and communist thugs on me, and I was dealing with that all day. (ICYMI, I blogged socialist slutbags "Cassandra" and "Jordyan" here: "#Murrieta Protesters @CassandraRules and @BeautifulChaosJ Spew Lies and Hatred, Not 'Civility'."

I asked "Jordyan" why she said she wasn't a leftist when I spoke to her in Murrieta? I continued, "You're here with the ANSWER communists? That's about as far left as you can get." She raised her hand to my face, ran off, and refused to correct her lies. That's always --- always! --- the way it is with leftists. They'll lie about their true ideological program, because they know they'll be repudiated by regular, patriotic Americans.

Here's "Cassandra" with communist loser "Iraq combat veteran" Michael Pryser:

Prysner's a coward. He served in Iraq as a grounds surveillance technician, and word is he saw no combat, and since then has allegedly misrepresented his war record and trumped up the military heroism of other soldiers as his own.

He obviously doesn't like being called out on it, which is why he tried to shut down my participation at a public rally by seizing my iPhone and throwing it in the street. Pretty typical for an intolerant leftist scumbag. These idiots simply cannot stand to have their activism and ideology exposed to the real light of public opinion and opprobrium. This Ain't Hell just destroys lying loser Prysner here, "Michael Prysner: true communist hero."

I ran out into the street to retrieve my phone, which was still in good working condition, amazingly. At the Vine below is mental midget and dead-end ANSWER stooge Douglas Kauffman. Next to him is the mother of Manuel Diaz. I gather her son was killed by Anaheim PD and she was one of the event's sponsors. Actually, I was not "antagonizing" anyone. I would have loved to hear her memorial to her son, but the commie stooges were blocking and tripping me as I tried to move over to listen to the speakers. She came up to me twice during the day, asking me to leave. I told her it was a public park and I just wanted to take some pictures and I'd be gone. She didn't like that idea and called me a "disruptive force."

All of the anarcho-idiots who got in my face to video refused to show their faces. I couldn't take photos or Vines, as I was surrounded by thugs who covered my iPhone. Cowards. Stupid, intolerant, childish cowards:

Honestly, this dude needed to go toke a few more fat ones. Couldn't get him out of my face. He smoked cigarettes continuously, of course blowing the smoke in my face. I couldn't wait to get home to shower. These people are no better than the diseased aliens coming over the border. A dirty hippie if there ever was one, and obviously a cartoon caricature who's actually a stooge:

Notice all the black bloc anarchists at the photos:


I repeatedly told this stooge he wasn't intimidating at all. He was a coward who wouldn't show his face. They're all teeny-tiny little losers who refuse to stand up for what the believe and be counted. They all hide behind "V for Vendetta" masks and black-bloc balaclavas. It'd be funny, although they were extremely annoying, since it was impossible to get around to take more photos. And notice the Aztlán open-borders Brownshirts as well. ANSWER's been in longtime coordination with them, the racist freaks.

Folks might remember that Victoria Taft photographed the chunky bitch getting in my face in Murrieta. She stayed back today, and I was barely able to take this photo. Pretty funny, lol:

I stepped away for about a half-hour or so to tweet the photos I'd taken, and when I was getting ready to go, the protest march began, so I decided to take a couple of Vines:

It's actually pretty hard to tweet in the broad daylight, and I was trying to keep up with the march as I was taking Vines. After the march turned from 9th Street onto Katella (a couple of blocks north of Disneyland), I ran up ahead for a better position. "Cassandra" and "Jordyan" thought their thugs had driven me away, lol! I love how "Jordyan" scurries like a rat up onto the sidewalk, and covers her face like the embarrassed liar she is:

You'll notice, though, that I sent this Vine after I retrieved my phone from over that big brick wall seen at the Vine. I was about to send it when one of the Aztlán goons --- who came running from behind as I was working the keypad --- grabbed the phone out of my hand. I ran forward as he kept running and grabbed him by the shirt. Just then he chucked the phone over the brick wall into one of the backyards abutting Katella Avenue. I should have known. My bad. This was the second time these fascists grabbed my device and threw it. Only this time I had to scale the damned wall, which wasn't easy. I scratched my arm on my first attempt. After I found my phone I walked back to my Odyssey and took a photo of the scratches. All in day's work, I guess:

I've been reporting on ANSWER Los Angeles for years now and these losers are obviously not pleased by the coverage. Normally, though, ANSWER protests are monitored by huge police contingents. These thugs would never be able to block my participation, at times violently, if police had been on hand. So, chalk it up as a lesson. Only cover these losers at events where police will be on the ground. Frankly, I was being assaulted and prevented from exercising my free speech rights at a public protest. It's not something I'd do if the shoe was on the other foot. I'd never physically assault and harass a leftist wanting to cover an anti-immigration rally, for example, because I'm not ashamed of what I'm doing and I'm not ashamed of the message that all-American patriots convey at our events. The same cannot be said for the ANSWER communists. They're paranoid and conspiratorial. Remember, these are people who call each other "comrade" at their organizing meetings, like genuine Marxist cadres (which is good for a laugh, seriously).

Mostly, though, these are simply not good people. They have no respect for the rights of others, which belies all the "civility" bullshit they spew, and all the "social justice" crap they're always yammering about. The L.A. ANSWER goons are career protesters with dead-end futures, shaking down the mindless left-wing rubes for the donations that keep this racket going. Unfortunately, the mainstream press routinely gives these freaks positive, credible media, which has the sad result of providing legitimacy for a far-left movement that is so communist they backed Moscow when it crushed the Prague Spring democracy movement in 1968. That's who we're talking about here. Not "progressive" activists but Che-wannabe murderers who would slit your mother's throat if she were to say one word in opposition. F-k these losers. The don't intimidate me. And they can expect lots more coverage like this going forward.