Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's Not 'Unaccompanied Minors': McAllen Border Station Flooded with 1000s of Adult Illegal Alien Criminals

It's all you hear from the lawbreaking, criminal-coddling open-borders left: "It's for the children!"

Well, turns out there's very few children among the illegal immigrants continuing to surge over our Southern border.

Here's the Washington Post concern trolling yesterday for "child migrants" from Honduras, "traveling 1,400 miles with hardly any luggage from a bus station controlled by an extortion ring and used for trafficking women and contraband cigarettes."

Oh sure, some kids have come, many unaccompanied, but what the open-borders left isn't telling you is that children are now just a tiny proportion of the illegal immigrant invasion.

According to this report from Ashly Custer, at KGBT Action 4 News Harlingen, over a thousand illegal aliens are currently being processed daily at the McAllen Border Patrol station, but hardly any of them children. Indeed, as this report indicates, on the high end, McAllen gets as many as 1,300 illegals daily, but just six children were being processed there in the last 72 hours, a tiny fraction.

See, "Inside look of McAllen Border Patrol Station":

Border Patrol's RGV Sector Division Chief Robert Duff walked us through the center explaining how immigrants are typically processed.

Tuesday, the facility was holding an estimated 350 immigrants, which is just under its maximum capacity.

The center has 10 concrete holding cells and five additional cells for isolation. Immigrants are separated based on age and gender.

Duff said that on a good day, 1,300 people can be processed in 24 hours, which is a significant increase from past years.

Border Patrol told Action 4 News the goal is to process immigrants as quickly as possible because this is a temporary facility with no showers.

We asked about the processing times for minors and were told the average time is currently 21 hours, and there are only six kids in custody that have been processed for over 72 hours.

In June, that number was much greater.
Yeah, well, adult illegal alien criminals are getting in on the amnesty action, and the criminal-coddling Democrats are ready to throw the borders wide open to them. At Twitchy, "Rep. John Lewis declares his support for unfettered borders: ‘Our doors are open’."

Yes, the "dignity and worth" of Honduran Mara Salvatrucha murderers.