Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#Murrieta Protesters @CassandraRules and @BeautifulChaosJ Spew Lies and Hatred, Not 'Civility'

I introduced myself to Dr. Gina Loudon at the Murrieta protest on July 7th. She graciously posed for a picture.

She's a beautiful woman with a good heart:

It turns's out Dr. Gina interviewed two of the Murrieta protesters who the police had to separate, along with their La Raza cohorts, from the few patriots gathered in front of the police command station. Her show is "Smart Life with Dr. Gina" on the Money Business Life Network. At the clip she speaks to "Cassandra" and "Jordyan Carroll," the latter of whom I spoke to very politely during the protest, suggesting that her protest sign was wrong and the land wasn't "stolen from" the Native Americans:

I commend Dr. Gina for seeking to achieve some sense of civility amid all the partisan debates. The problem is that the reason there's not much civility is because Americans are so divided on the issues. "Cassandra" and "Jordyan" are just as partisan and nasty as anyone else out there protesting. I know from experience, from having engaged them face-to-face. Unfortunately, Dr. Gina doesn't press these women hard on what their protests were really all about. Their stance is certainly not about "helping children." The overwhelming majority of Americans would jump at the chance to help an abandoned child (as "Cassandra" tries to portray the issue). Dr. Gina could have followed up with, "Okay, we all want to help children, but why are you protesting with a racist, separatist group of Hispanic supremacists who reject assimilation and the American ideal?" She doesn't ask that, so intent is she on blabbering about how much "agreement" there is between the two sides.

Actually, there's not much agreement beyond agreeing to talk nice. Dr. Gina could have further asked "What is your bottom line on the Central American immigrants? Do you support sealing the border and deporting the illegal migrants, which is what conservatives want"? "Cassandra" and "Jordyan" would have probably dropped the mask of civility and called Dr. Gina a racist.

Recall that Victoria Taft took a photo of the woman (a friend of "Jordyan"), who literally got in my face screaming "You're talking to my best friend!" Well, "Jordyan" sure didn't call off her "best friend" attack dog, and neither did "Cassandra," who you can see at the picture with her gold iPhone at center, either taking pictures or video of the confrontation.

Note too that when I spoke to "Jordyan" she claimed she "wasn't a leftist," but that's a lie if one is to peruse the postings at her Twitter page, where we see her recent tweets expressing solidarity with Palestine. She even re-tweeted tweets blaming George W. Bush for the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq.

And the same at "Cassandra's" page as well. She's got a stream of tweets attacking the Israelis as terrorists and oppressors:

So obviously, Dr. Gina missed a real opportunity with these two. She needed to direct some pointed questions at them to evoke some real sense of what they stand for, which, as we can see, is racist La Raza separatism and pro-Palestinian racist, Jew-hatred and anti-Semitism. All this talk about "civility" is bullshit cover for their ideological hatred and racist division.