Wednesday, July 2, 2014

VIDEO: Radical Open-Borders Thugs Smear #Murrieta Patriots for 'Hate and Bigotry' — #SecureTheBorder

Here it comes.

Apparently a far-left social justice outfit (the so-called Inland Empire Rapid Response Network) is organizing illegal alien criminals, attacking the Murrieta patriots for alleged "hate and bigotry."

Obviously a communist backed La Raza shill organization.

It's too typical.

At CBS KCAL 9 Los Angeles:

More, "San Bernardino rally expresses support for Murrieta migrants":
“Yesterday, we saw a great outpouring of hatred,” said Jennaya Dunlap of Inland Empire Rapid Response Network, referring to protests in Murrieta. “So today we’re here to say ‘welcome.’”
Screw these commies. Go home, dirtbags.