Friday, July 22, 2016

An Unhinged Republican Convention?

Leftists are going into overdrive tarring conservatives and populist "white nationalist" voters as crazed fascists on the hunt for Mexicans and Muslims.

Actually, I just think there's a hunger among everyday, regular folks for the red meat Trump's dishing out.

But see old-line media hack Joe Klein --- yeah, Joe Klein and the 1990s called ... they want their decade back --- bemoans the "unhinged" rubes of Cleveland.

At Time, "An Unhinged Republican Convention and the Nation’s Greatest Test":
I’m not sure I know how to write about this election anymore without seeming imprudent. I came into this year believing that our government was desperately in need of conservative reform and restraint. I came to those views watching the corroded incompetence of the Department of Veterans Affairs and also in the belief that Democrats had been too unwilling to look at and think clearly about the failures of the welfare state. I had some problems with Hillary Clinton too–from her support for the invasion of Libya to her foolish personal behavior, accepting big-money speeches from Goldman Sachs because, she said, she “wasn’t sure” she was going to run for President. But I would never question her essential decency; indeed, she is one of the most thoughtful politicians I know. And the Democratic Party, for all its politically correct smugness and silliness, has never surrendered its soul to the extremists lurking on its left. The Republican Party, by contrast, has become a national embarrassment. Donald Trump is a national embarrassment. This election will be the greatest test, in my lifetime, of the wisdom of our people and the strength of the democratic project.
Ahem. You see that there?

"And the Democratic Party, for all its politically correct smugness and silliness, has never surrendered its soul to the extremists lurking on its left."

You can see why I consider Joe Klein a relic.

The Democrats are now wholly owned by "the extremists lurking" on the left. And this isn't new. That anyone could even seriously utter such a comment in this day and age is disqualifying. I feel almost sorry for Klein. He's on Twitter but he's only tweeted 332 times, the last time in October 2013. Klein's probably one to say that the most vigorous debate these days remains in the letters to the editor sections of publications like Time Magazine. I mean, c'mon. The dude's a dinosaur. Just ask former presidential candidate Jim Webb if the Democrats remain a centrist party in the Harry Truman mold. Remember, when Webb quit the race he said something to the effect that the party had passed him by, that he wasn't home on the Democrat left in this day and age, a former Marine veteran in Vietnam. Nope, you've gotta be an academic egghead crypto-Marxist like Obama or a crazed old "democrat-socialist" like Bernie Sanders to fit in today. Indeed, Hillary Clinton can't clip leftward fast enough. She's lucky she pulled this off. Had Sanders gone for the jugular from day one, attacking her on Benghazi, the home-brewed server, and Goldman Sachs, he'd probably be making the acceptance speech next Thursday instead of Cankles.

But read the whole thing, in any case.