Tuesday, July 19, 2016

And Remember, Tiny House Hunters...


My wife and I have watched this show a few times, and it's fascinating. Of course, I'd never even consider one of these tiny houses, but it's still pretty cool how the builders can get so much stuff in an extremely small space. And hey, maybe it will work for some people (although the family of five or six we watched once had to be insane, but whatever).

In any case, you gotta read this hilarious essay from Chuck Wendig at Terrible Minds, "An Open Letter to Tiny House Hunters."

It's getting Instalanched and SDA-alanched, so I had to toggle back and forth and arrow-browser buttons before it would load, but what a hoot:
Second, the toilet. Nobody has brought this up on the show, but I’m going to now: if you live with other humans, eventually one of you is going to take the kind of deuce-evacuation that could conceivably destroy a marriage. Normally you’d be fine, because normally you’d be living in a normal-sized human house where you have a door to close and a fan and several rooms or even floors of separation. But now you dwell in an elf-house and now you and all the other elves are going to share in that dump you just took. You’re going to live with it for a while. Everyone is going to become intimately familiar with one another’s bathroom peccadilloes, okay?

He goes on about "those aforementioned Herculean/Sisyphean dumps" again, but you get the picture.

Over 300 comments there as well. It's like the old days of blogging.