Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Backlash Against Former Miss Alabama After Calling Dallas Cop Killer a 'Martyr' (VIDEO)

She's pretty despicable.

She should've kept that video to herself, rather than posting it to the world. She's feeding the hatred. She's compounding the hatred, the hatred that's been coming from the top, from President Obama on down. Indeed, blacks, with Barack Hussein in office, feel empowered to speak badly of white Americans, and feel "conflicted" when white cops are gunned down ruthlessly and viciously, in cold blood. It's shameful.

Following-up from last night, "Kalyn Chapman James, First Black Miss Alabama, Says Dallas Cop Killer Was a 'Martyr'."

She appeared on Hannity's show tonight, and I saw an image of her earlier. She looks like revolutionary communist Angela Davis, and I think she knows it.