Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Blazing Saddles: The Bernie Bros 'Fart-In' Against Hillary Clinton is Righteous and Hilarious!

This cracks me up.

At AP, via Memeorandum, "Bernie Fans Say ‘Fart-In’ Against Hillary Will Go On."

And at Heat Street, "Bernie Bros to Stage Epic Anti-Hillary ‘Fart-In’ at DNC Convention":
Bernie Sanders supporters and other progressive activists have a unique plan to protest the nomination of Wall Street-backed Hillary Clinton at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia later this month. They’re going to stage a “fart-in.”

You might be wondering what, exactly, a “fart-in” entails. Well, the plan is to make sure that Bernie Sanders’ convention delegates eat plenty of beans prior to entering the convention hall in Philly. Then, they shall unleash their noxious bodily fumes, which will send a powerful message to Hillary — that she stinks, or something.
God, this is too good, lol.