Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Follow-Up on Michelle Fields Interview with Steve Malzberg

First page of Michelle Field's book (Barons of the Beltway: Inside the Princely World of Our Washington Elite — and How to Overthrow Them), where she alleges Corey Lewandowski nearly pulled her to the ground at the Donald Trump event. She flatly denied making the allegation in the book when called out by Steve Malzberg on Newsmax, and then she quit the interview. But it's right there. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a liar. And that's a bald-faced lie.


Here's the initial report, "Michelle Fields Abruptly Ends Interview When Called Out by Steve Malzberg on Corey Lewandowsk Lies (VIDEO)."

Michelle Field Lies photo 13620699_10210278599784396_1244365906168346347_n_zpsin3q54hl.jpg