Sunday, July 10, 2016

Heather Mac Donald Discusses the 'War on Cops," the Ferguson Effect, and Black-on-Black Violence

Here's a video/audio interview with Jesse Lee Peterson, "Heather Mac Donald: War on Cops & Ferguson Effect, Increase Black-on-Black Violence - #BlackLivesMatter."

Grab a beer or a soda a listen to the whole thing.

A couple of things in particular stand out: 1) Peterson reflects on the Black Lives Matter movement and compares it to the KKK, saying that BLM's anti-white racism is just as visceral as anything one would see with so-called white nationalist/KKK-types. That's fascinating, since Tomi Lahren made virtually the exact same point on Twitter and subsequently came under vicious attack by totalitarian leftists. Lahren's got nothing to apologize about, nor should she back down. But I think she got scared by the backlash and stepped back from those statements, mostly likely in fear for her job. That's exactly what the left is after. That's exactly what its faux outrage is about: to shut down conservative voices and conservative views that hit too close to home, voices calling out the radical left for its racism and deliberate, revolutionary violence.

But also, 2) Ms. Mac Donald reports that after she first published her essay on the Ferguson effect, she was doxxed by Black Lives Matter organizers in Austin, Texas. Ms. Mac Donald is almost hilariously cool while discussing it, but to think for moment it's so fucking outrageous the lengths that leftists go to destroy dissenting opinion. When I talk about The New American Civil War #TNACW I mean it as war in every sense of the term: political, cultural, sociological, educational, on top of subversive leftist armed struggle against the totality of the U.S. system. It's the entire package. It's the full program of the radical left. And mainstream media types who enable it are working off their purported moral superiority over the so-called "racist" white redneck flyovers who are allegedly holding the country back from the promised land. Witness the shocked response from the elitist chattering classes, among both Democrats and Republicans, by the way, to the rise of Donald Trump and the GOP nomination. If Trump wins in November the debate over British voters backing Brexit's going to look like a trip to the grocery store. The entire world's going to erupt in anti-Americanism. We'll have the Nazification of Trump far above the scale we saw against George W. Bush and Iraq. We'll see a global culture war come to head. And importantly, lots of mainstream leftist folks in both parties are noticing. For various reasons, culture is peaking this year and its volatile. Criminal justice is one of the main platforms for the left's assault on the police, law, order and tradition --- something Ms. Mac Donald points out at the interview above.

In any case, the Wall Street Journal republished Ms. Mac Donald's February op-ed yesterday. See, "The Myths of Black Lives Matter."

And see, "The New Nationwide Crime Wave."

Her new book is here, The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe.