Monday, July 11, 2016

How Many People Have to Die Because of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement?

From John Hawkins, at Town Hall:

“Pigs In A Blanket, Fry 'Em Like Bacon!” – Chant at a #BlackLivesMatter protest in Minnesota

“What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” – Chant by "Million Marchers" in New York City
The whole Black Lives Matter Movement is pure crap designed to help liberals get their names out there and to increase black turnout in elections for the Democratic Party.

It’s a movement funded by liberal white Americans like the Ben and Jerry’s Foundation and supported primarily by privileged black liberals that does nothing but produce a bigger body count.

For whatever reason, black Americans have always had a more hostile relationship with the police than other groups. Maybe that comes from the bad old days of the civil rights movement when the police weren’t always fair to black Americans. Maybe it comes from the sky high crime rate in black America which insures that percentage wise, more black Americans profit from criminal activities or know people involved in regularly breaking the law than people from other races. Perhaps it’s just a “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” problem? Did police hostility cause black Americans to become more distrusting of law enforcement or did hostility by black Americans cause the police to become more distrustful? If that hostility and distrust ceased on one side, would it disappear on the other side, too? Whatever the reason for it, it exists and the Black Lives Matter movement has greatly exacerbated it for its own purposes.

The sad reality is that the police have to do a dirty, dangerous, unpleasant job that sometimes involves killing other human beings to protect themselves or others. There will NEVER be a time when mistakes aren’t made. So, if the goal is supposed to be to stop the police from ever making a mistake, it’s pie in the sky.

Moreover, the overwhelming majority of police shootings are justified and those that aren’t are USUALLY punished in a court of law. There are undoubtedly cases where guilty police officers skate in court for their crimes, but as Nicole Simpson could tell you if she were still alive, murderers don’t always get convicted in America.

Because this really isn’t a huge problem for black Americans, the #BlackLivesMatter scumbags have taken ambiguous cases and elevated them to practically legendary status.

Take the death of Eric Garner. The cops were trying to arrest him for illegally selling cigarettes. The cops weren’t the ones who decided that should be illegal, but it’s their job to enforce the law. Garner resisted arrest, the cops used an appropriate amount of force subduing him and he died because of underlying health issues (“acute and chronic bronchial asthma, obesity, and heart disease.”)

You may think Eric Garner was choked to death because it takes lies like that for #BlackLivesMatter to justify its existence. However, it’s not true. In fact, the person most responsible for Eric Garner dying is Eric Garner...
Actually, the cops used a choke hold on Garner that was banned by the NYPD, but the fact is, Garner resisted arrest, and told the police, "This ends right here!" You think the police might be concerned about him resisting and posing a threat to their safety? Of course, you never hear that part from the ghoulish leftists of BLM. Never.

But keep reading.