Saturday, July 23, 2016

Leaked Docs Show How DNC Used Foul Language to Insult Fox News Staff While Praising Rachel Maddow, MSNBC

I really should be blogging this #DNCLeaks story more aggressively. I'm gobsmacked at the utter MSM partisanship and corruption.

Until then, at Heat Street:
The embarrassing Wikileaks document dump of the Democratic National Committee’s private emails reveal how its communications staff derided journalists from news organizations they perceived as unfriendly. At the same time, the DNC was cooperating with friendlier journalists—doling out talking points and pre-approving articles in what appears to be a breach of journalistic ethics.

Much of the DNC’s private bile was reserved for Fox News.

“Is there a Fuck You emoji?” Communications Director Luis Miranda wrote a colleague who forwarded him freelance reporter Fred Lucas’ questions about Donald Trump bringing up Bill Clinton’s dalliances.

DNC Press Assistant Rachel Palermo then replied: “hahahahahahhahahaha”.

Lucas politely e-mailed the DNC again three days later asking, “I hoped the DNC could weigh in one the appropriateness of Trump attacking along these lines? I would really appreciate any response you have. Thanks very much.”

Palermo then e-mailed Miranda and Deputy Communications Director Mark Paustenbach: “The asshole from fox e-mailed us again. I did some research and there’s still no ‘fuck you’ emoji, unfortunately.”
See what I mean?

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